Tim Guedel

Analyst, Mr. Guedel has completed analysis for a number of projects, including studies entertainment facilities, sports and event centers, convention and hotel projects and restaurant-related developments. Tim’s research has included profiling comparable and competitive facilities in dozens of markets to assess competitiveness and potential performance, along with writing chapters for feasibility studies and developing critical presentation materials for clients.

Most recently, Mr. Guedel has researched meeting, event and entertainment facilities in the Chicagoland area, northern California, South Carolina and Louisville. He has conducted in-depth research on performing arts venues across the U.S., which is a personal passion as well. He continues to provide a critical role on a number of projects.

Mr. Guedel attended the University of Akron, and graduated with a degree in Chemical engineering, with a Polymer Specialization. He previously worked for Aerotek, Chemico-Systems and Heritage Environmental Services.