Jordan Danzansky

Analyst, Mr. Danzansky has contributed to numerous projects at HSP, including studies related to sports, mixed-use developments and tourism attractions. Most recently, he completed research and analysis for a high-profile sports client in San Diego, California. The analysis, regarding a new stadium and convention center for the San Diego Chargers, required numerous interviews and profiles of comparable and competitive facilities to assess competitiveness and potential performance.

He has also worked on a variety of tourism developments for the Kentucky Tourism Development Act. Mr. Danzansky’s most recent analysis examined the potential for an expansion to one of Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries. He is set to complete more research for future KTDA applicants, including a campground site. In addition to the tourism analyses, he has worked on projects such as the feasibility of a minor league baseball stadium in Lubbock, Texas and the feasibility of a new youth sports complex in Williamson County, Tennessee.      

Mr. Danzansky graduated from Indiana University, with a degree in Public Financial Management. Prior to HSP, Mr. Danzansky held a position at Streetsense in Bethesda, MD where he had the opportunity to be part of the rebranding of downtown Washington DC. He has also held positions at AO Asset Management in New York, NY as well as with Atlantic|Pacific Management in Miami, FL, where he gained experience analyzing the multi-family residential market.