Eric J. Hunden

Analyst & Infographics Director,Mr. Eric Hunden provides 25 years of experience in demographic research, case studies and complex mapping as HSP’s infographics director. Since HSP’s founding in 2006, Eric has brought important contextual understanding and research related to real estate, regional and cultural analysis, in addition to critical research for economic, demographic, media and market studies. In working with HSP, he has worked on more than 250 assignments, providing market analysis, mapping and case studies. His specialty is communicating concepts and important information through varying types of maps and graphics, including three-dimensional downtown maps, demographic migration pattern maps, drive-time analyses and competitive marketplace maps.

Prior to working with HSP, he founded Big City Maps (BCM) in Minneapolis and was a map artist for, North America’s largest custom mapping company. In both capacities, he developed research and mapping analyses for over one hundred locations, concentrating on traditional urban cores and neighborhoods, retail and entertainment districts -- including the Walt Disney World smart phone application map -- and college campuses. Prior to HSP and BCM, he worked for the Indiana Department of Transportation honing an appreciation for public infrastructures impact on society.

He received a B.S. in Geography with academic emphasis in Architecture and Urban Planning from Kansas State University. He has lived in Indiana, Kansas and now resides near Minneapolis.